Card and Pamphlet Holders (2018)

Another interesting design project which I loved transforming from drawings to actual objects. The pamphlet holder was the difficult one, one has to consider the size, weight and angle at which they will sit.

The triangular shapes were designed to both point to the card information as well as to visually interact with the rectangular shapes of cards. I was trying to move away from the standard holders and I think I’ve succeeded. This project was made for the Sol Space Pilates and Movement studio in Adelaide.


Wiggle Butt No. 3 (2018)

Well it’s been interesting transferring drawings to readymade objects to say the least. But so far so good with the exception of a few accidents which kept delaying the project. There is nothing like nearing completion only to see it fall apart in your hands ha ha

This sculpture was made for the ‘Woof Woof’ exhibit at Gallery Yampu, Port Adelaide for the annual SALA festival. Opens August 9th and I hope to see you there!

TV Cabinet/Table (2017)

Here was a fun little project which allowed me to use a new gadget, and I love those! Especially when they actually work haha. I wanted to use dowel joins only in this quite minimal piece as I like the finish better than caps or putty. I’m aiming to use this technique as much as possible in the future. The orange oil finish made the piece blend in with the floor boards which was unexpected but the customer is happy 😊