‘Consumed’ Art Prize part 2 (2014)

As part of National Recycling Week, the City of Charles Sturt is hosting the ‘Consumed’ art prize 2014. Art work is based on the environmental theme of consumption and waste avoidance.

Along with the Overall Winner, prizes will also be awa…rded in the categories of Best 2D, Best 3D, Young Artist and People’s Choice, with a total prize pool of $8,000.

R/R is taking part in this event, opening this Saturday at 3pm, wish me luck!

For full details, visit www.charlessturt.sa.gov.au/ConsumedArtPrize

‘Consumed’ Art Prize (2014)

R/R has been working on a project slightly more conceptual than usual. A three-part piece examining the way we use and discard audio/visual formats as technology evolves and the environmental impact associated with waste. I’ve taken it a step further by creating totems or idols out of these formats, which include a 45 rpm vinyl record, a cassette and several CD’s/DVD’s.

This was made for a competition called ‘Consumed’, here is a link for anyone interested in participating: http://www.charlessturt.sa.gov.au/ConsumedArtPrize