Ideas and doodles (part 1)

Some sketches for possible sculptures, murals, fabrics etc. Less to do with techniques such as shading or perspective and more to do with visual iconography, at times a tribute to Egyptian hieroglyphics. A lot of fun to do 😃


A tribute to David Bowie

R/R is currently part of a group exhibition at Urban Cow Gallery with a piece called ‘Starman’. Not very imaginative I know ha ha. It’s Acrylic on cardboard, timber and recycled paint brushes, and here’s a few shots of the construction process.

Exhibition Dates: 3 March – 2nd April

Wonderwalls Port Adelaide (2015)

R/R has been helping SG1 on a Gallery Yampu mural as part of Port Adelaide Artists Forum’s 10 year anniversary and the Wonderwalls festival. It’s been incredible to see the whole area come to life! More info below 🙂

Gallery Yampu


Wonderwalls Port Adelaide