Steampunk Festival ’17

Join us at the National Railway Museum Port Adelaide this weekend, one of my pieces is included in the event πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸšžπŸŽ¨ 


Borough 5015 (2017)

A bit of prep work for a possible Fringe project this February involving a shipping container. I made some objects out of used cardboard for a diorama, and it felt like I was working on a miniature theatre set. A lot of fun to do πŸ˜ƒ

Steampunk Expo (2014)

R/R is taking part in a Steampunk Expo at the National Railway Museum, Port Adelaide. More info below:

Saturday 13th (9.30am – 9pm) and Sunday 14th September (9.30am – 4.30pm)

The romance of rail and steam collide with the imaginative and inventive world of Steampunk at the National Railway Museum Steampunk Expo. Join us forΒ a weekend of fun and unique experiences:

Ride aboard:
β€’ Steam trains Peronne and Bub (until 4.30pm each day)

See and experience:
β€’ The Museum by night. Smoke machines and music will add to the atmosphere – make sure to bring your camera. The Museum’s main pavilion will be open until 9pm on Saturday 13th.
β€’ Dress up in Steampunk costume and make the most of the amazing photo opportunities around the Museum.
β€’ Archers Arcadia Amazing Mechanical Performers art exhibition
β€’ Steampunk derailed: Art Inspired by the World of Steampunk group art exhibition
β€’ Steampunk group and Ghost Tour stands.

Eat and drink:
β€’ From 5pm on Saturday enjoy the character of the Cafe Car, bring your own evening high tea or picnic. Coffee and tea will be available by donation in the Cafe Car.
β€’ Onsite coffee van during daytime hours.

Special prices:
β€’ Adults $10
β€’ Concession and child (3 – 15yrs) $4.50
β€’ Members and child (under 3yrs) FREE
β€’ Steam train Bub ride FREE
β€’ Steam train Peronne ride, adults $3

National Railway Museum Port Adelaide