Planter Shelving (2018)

Had these stools hanging around the studio for months before this project, it’s always a good feeling when an object gains a new life. The funny thing is that the final design turned out to be the simplest idea but came about last during the brainstorming process.


TV Cabinet/Table (2017)

Here was a fun little project which allowed me to use a new gadget, and I love those! Especially when they actually work haha. I wanted to use dowel joins only in this quite minimal piece as I like the finish better than caps or putty. I’m aiming to use this technique as much as possible in the future. The orange oil finish made the piece blend in with the floor boards which was unexpected but the customer is happy 😊 

Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (2016)

The latest piece I’ve been working on for over a year now I think. Well on and off, as the meaning and ideas kept changing. Moving from speakers/mouths to traffic signals then back to sound generators and waves pulsating quietly or dying down depending on how you want to see it. The title itself could be taken as personal or political but more often than not the two are locked together anyway. Anyway, it was meant for an art event last weekend but wasn’t completed in time, everything takes longer to dry in winter.

Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing (2016)