Tea Vase Holders (2019)

Another interesting project, this time made out of used skirting boards. The brief was to have the vases hang just a couple of millimeters of the bottom of the frame, which visually makes all the difference. Don’t think I’ve done anything like this before, thanks to Clarity Massage and Wellness Centre for the commission 😃👌🏻✏️🔨📐

Tables, tables and more tables!

R/R has spent the last few days putting together 15 tables at the Onyx Dessert Lounge & Bar in north adelaide. The bar is reopening later this week so it was pure madness with electricians, painters, cooks and me fighting for space! The tables were varnished in the end but I have no photos of that, so these will have to do 🙂

Dinner Table 3 (2014)

Another project this week, a mini round dinner/coffee table. Made from recycled timber such as jarrah and marenti, with reused legs from another table. Relatively straight forward, this table is light for its size partially beacause it has to be carried on to the third floor of a studio. Here are some shots of the progress I’ve made so far 🙂